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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Dec 21, 2010 5:34pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Videos trashed by aspect ratio change

ok, my fixes are applied to that video you linked to.
thanks for the report!

it wasn't so much that we assume 4x3 (or 16x9) or anything like that -- i have a large number of wide to ultrawide videos (with square or rectangular pixels) that i'm always making sure come out "right". it was more that there was some bugginess in some of the checking for "is the video aspect ratio close to the wanted target ratio?" code, now fixed. if your video was a bit *more* narrow, ironically, it would have likely worked.

while there, i also made sure that the animated GIF and thumbnails properly "black bar" the left/right so the video is contained in the approx. 160x110 pixel target size.

i see (i think) that you've figured out how to "rederive" your items -- so for the other videos that still have issues, you can rederive them now (or let me know which ones and/or a search query to use to find them and i'll kick them off for you). (you'd want to enter a rederive parameter like "{*,*/*.jpg}" to make sure to get the thumbnails rebuilt, too!

thanks for helping to make the archive better.
(and great video, too, btw! 8-)